Looking back…

Listening to the music I used to make
The lyrics and journals that document the break
From my heart to my wallet, there were times both were full
There were times in the middle, there were times both were null

I hear a G chord and I start reminiscing 
I think about a girl that I used to be kissing
Then I strike an A minor and the mood starts to change
I’m back in a shady situation in L.A. 

Every word on the page is written with ink
Every time I’d record, I’d celebrate with a drink
Every morning that I woke with 80 proof regret
Was another hard lesson I refuse to forget

Looking back now, so much is new
There were so many times I thought I wouldn’t get through
There are so many entries about ending my life
And the very next page would find the will to survive

Flipping through the pages, there’s coffee stains
Cigarette burns, and thoughts from my brain
There’s drawings I made when I was high as a kite
There’s magazine clippings from a comic I liked

These days, though, I do it all online
Google docs, backed up, all of the time
It’s less sentimental and it feels kind of cold
But I’m less sentimental and I feel kind of old

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