Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Reviews

Drinking without regret

When I first quit drinking due to a medical issue, there were only two craft breweries available to me in the non-alcoholic space: Partake in Canada, and Bravus in California. Now, the market has grown to a size that feels almost unmeasurable and I wouldn’t dare tell you how many breweries are out there exclusively making non-alcoholic craft beer, because every time I think I have seen them all, my fridge is suddenly filled with the trappings of many more new beers from many more new breweries. I went from reviewing one beer a week to reviewing two beers a week, just trying to keep up! Click on any picture to go to the review I wrote for that beer, or scroll to the bottom to find different breweries and see a list of the beers I’ve reviewed.

Athletic BrewingFree Wave Hazy IPA
Run Wild IPA
All Out Stout
First Ride Coffee Porter
Downwinder Gose
Sunset Stoke IPA
AtmosKora Double Hopped IPA
Alturas Golden NA Ale
Cosmos NA Peanut Butter Milk Dark
Best Day BrewingKolsch Style
Big Drop BrewingParadiso IPA
Pine Trail Pale (coming soon)
Galactic Extra Dark (coming soon)
Blood Orange IPA
Breakfast Dark
Coconut Porter
Double Dry-Hopped IPA
Gravitas I, II, & III
Mango Habanero IPA
Orange Vanilla Cream Ale
Peanut Butter Dark
BrewDogPunk AF
Nanny State
Hazy AF
Ghost Walker
Elvis AF (coming soon)
Brooklyn BrewerySpecial Effects IPA
Busty LushShe’s Golden Ale
Ceria BrewingIndiewave IPA
Flying Dog Deep Fake IPA
GruviPale Ale
Mocha Nitro Stout
Juicy IPA (coming soon)
Hairless DogCitra Lager
MikkellerLimbo Yuzu
Rescue ClubIPA
Pils Pilsner (coming soon)
Rightside BrewingAmerican IPA
Sam AdamsJust the Haze
Sober CarpenterUber Hopped IPA
Surreal BrewingCreatives IPA
Natural Bridge Kolsch
Milkshake IPA
Two Roots BrewingNew West IPA
Dark Cookies Milk Stout
Enough Said Helles
Resin Riot
Straight Drank IPA (coming soon)
Flying Bear Dance (coming soon)
Untitled ArtWatermelon Gose
Italian Pilsner
Chocolate Milk Stout
West Coast IPA
S’Mores Dark
Juicy IPA
Lychee Sherbet
WellBeing BrewingHellraiser Dark Amber
Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout
Pumpkin Ale
Intentional IPA
Going Places IPA
Victory Wheat
Liquid Rain IPA
Wandering Islands
Woodland Farms BrewingPointer IPA
West IPA

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