Friend Request: Summer Series

We are five episodes into the Self-Care Summer series of Friend Request and I am excited, overwhelmed, and impressed. First, I am excited and impressed with how the episodes are turning out. I had high hopes, but the end result has really been satisfying. Even though I have been podcasting for years, I took a […]

Kava: The Unexpected Trigger

It was half a decade ago that my friend called me up to tell me he was moving from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz to help manage a kava bar. Amongst the many questions I had, the most pressing was “…kava…? …bar…?” He explained to me that kava was a plant from the Pacific Islands […]

Overexposed & Under-Appreciated

COVID is gone! The pandemic is over! Okay, so that’s not true, but I had my first taste of that feeling in the two years since my flights were cancelled in March of 2020. The last week has been a whirlwind of social gatherings, in-person events, and lots of restaurant food. This last week has […]

Reflection: Episode 101: Meg McGinn

I have often used my platform selfishly to admit things, work through things, or just share embarrassing things. When my friend Michelle was on, we had the most honest conversation about a huge falling out we had. When my buddy’s dad, Don, was on, I apologized for stealing a bunch of his quarters to buy […]


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Hi, I’m Justin Lamb. I am a mental health advocate who helps other people tell their story, find their light bulb moments, and inspire others. My interview-based podcast Friend Request gets over 1K downloads a month. I’m also a writer and I play music.

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