39/m Seeks Friends

Personal growth is a real son of a bitch. At an early age, I realized that I people liked me more if I entertained them. Sometimes that was through singing, sometimes through jokes. Whatever it was, they smiled and laughed and cheered me on when I did that. In the background of that, as a […]

Looking back…

Listening to the music I used to make The lyrics and journals that document the break From my heart to my wallet, there were times both were full There were times in the middle, there were times both were null I hear a G chord and I start reminiscing I think about a girl that […]

Friend Request: Summer Series

We are five episodes into the Self-Care Summer series of Friend Request and I am excited, overwhelmed, and impressed. First, I am excited and impressed with how the episodes are turning out. I had high hopes, but the end result has really been satisfying. Even though I have been podcasting for years, I took a […]

Kava: The Unexpected Trigger

It was half a decade ago that my friend called me up to tell me he was moving from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz to help manage a kava bar. Amongst the many questions I had, the most pressing was “…kava…? …bar…?” He explained to me that kava was a plant from the Pacific Islands […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Justin Lamb. I am a mental health advocate who helps other people tell their story, find their light bulb moments, and inspire others. My interview-based podcast Friend Request gets over 1K downloads a month. I’m also a writer and I play music.

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