Recent Releases

Recent Releases

All songs on this page are considered incomplete works in progress and can only be used with the express written permission of the artist, Justin Lamb.


Katie Mack (2021)

Katie Mack is a sober friend who posted something on Instagram about how she wasn’t feeling good one day. I saw it while I was between songs, playing guitar in my basement. I quickly improvised a little catchy riff telling her to feel better and sent it to her. The next 24 hours, I could not get that catchy riff out of my head, so I wrote the entire song.

Hate Myself (2020)

In what to this day I would describe as my biggest therapeutic breakthrough, I wrote this song about my endless need for validation from others. It was sparked from being at home during the beginning of the pandemic and doing live streams constantly just to get likes and comments and feel needed. In writing this song, I finally realized that I need to provide that for myself before I’ll ever be able to truly receive it from other people.

Alive (2019)

If this was polished more and other, more talented, musicians were playing the other parts, you would actually be able to hear the sound I always wanted. For now, though, this…

Am F G (2017)

I have often taken common chord progressions and tried to improvise a song with them. This is one of those times caught on tape. Can you guess the chords?

Never Tried Harder (2011)

Back when I still wrote songs regularly, I would get hooked on one and record it to try and flesh it out. It didn’t always work…

Horror Movie Concept Album

Scream (2020)

In the beginning of the pandemic, I had another concept album idea (this happens a lot). This time, i thought it would be cool, and a nice homage to The Misfits, if I made a horror movie album. This was the first one I wrote and it ended up more a homage to Ludo.

Friday the 13th (2020)

Everyone always associates Friday the 13th with Jason, but we must remember that it was his revenge-driven mother who originally haunted Camp Crystal Lake. I imagined this to be a folk song that locals would sing at the tavern.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2020)

When all you have is a Yamaha keyboard and a shitty drum machine, you do what you can to portray the evil feelings that come with the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Also, you gotta give a shout out to Nancy.

High School Lyrics Revisited

Princess (2019)

I wrote this about a high school girlfriend. I don’t recall the timeline of the lyrics against the timeline of the relationship, but it’s the personification of feelings I had while we were trying to steal away private moments, exploring each others’ bodies, and eventually breaking up while she was crying in her bedroom closet.

Tempting (2019)

This song was originally nearly twice the speed and full chords. Primarily because in high school, that’s all I knew. When I revisited the lyrics, I thought they were better said across a slower melody, and thus this song was born.

Try and Stay Alive (2019)

I wrote these lyrics when I found out a friend of mine had cancer and had to go through chemo. She lost all her hair and got into wigs and then lost her life a couple years later. I was a teenager and ill-equipped to deal with the questions or realities that come into play when something like this happens.

Covers (coming soon)

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