Songs From Within

Songs From Within

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Songs From Within (2013)

This album is the result of countless hours, bloody fingers, endless practices, and the support of a lot of really wonderful people. Songs From Within was funded almost entirely from Kickstarter.A huge group of family, friends, and fans made this album possible and being in the studio with a small group of friends playing music alongside me is still, to this day, one of the single greatest experiences of my life. I wanted to do it as a full time job. Come in and play songs that I had written and have other more talented people come in and play the other parts and mix it and master it. The whole process was absolutely phenomenal. As we approach ten years since the album was recorded, there are definitely things I would change, but the experience in the studio is not one of them. The album was mixed by my best friend and producer Chad Nini, who was the only person truly missing from the studio during that long weekend. Below you’ll find links to the album on multiple platforms. Pick one and enjoy. If you want a CD, I have soooooo many left, so just send me shipping and I’ll send you a CD. Go to the contact page to get in touch!

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