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Recent Releases (2015-Present)

Miscellaneous releases that come out as inspiration hits. Usually released on SoundCloud, but now made exclusively available here. Check back often or subscribe for updates on new songs.

Songs From Within (2013)

A full studio album recorded at Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, Michigan and featuring the musical styling of bassist Billy Perkins, drummer Rob Shannon, and guitarist Dustin Kring.

Living Room Sessions (2008)

A collection of songs written during Justin’s time in Los Angeles between 2004-2006. Recorded, as the title would lead you to assume, in the living room of his apartment

Walking Away From You (2002)

Fresh from the emotional discovery of being a teenager, you can hear Justin’s influences in these early songs filled with metaphors and emotions.


From the artist:

When I think of my musical journey, it feels like an open wound that I keep picking at, never allowing it to properly heal. My connection to music came at a young age. It was a tool I used to relate to my family, finding new artists in the cassette and CD collections of my mother and my brother. It also helped me connect with myself, spending hours listening to ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and honing my own skills for comedy and improvisation. It was when I began performing, sometime in junior high, that I realized the high I could get from playing music and singing. The validation that performing and writing gave me was enough for me to chase it like a drug for the next 20 years. I found a new way to express myself in lyrical rhyme. In the pages of a small spiral notebook, I was able to get my feelings out in the form of songs. Then, in 2020, I realized that I had been playing music for all the wrong reasons. I never cared about the song as much as I cared about the reaction it would garner from other people. I needed that validation. Realizing my unhealthy relationship I had developed with performing, I stopped playing guitar for nearly a year. When I finally picked it up again, in the middle of a pandemic, I knew I was doing it for me, and only for me. I pick it up and write more as time goes on, but I still keep a close eye on my motivation, making sure that what I make is for me and not the consumer. Do I want people to listen? Yeah. Do I want people to like it? Yeah. But those aren’t the reasons I want to drive the writing and performing. Those should be an after thought. So now I write for me, and if you are reading this and relating to any of my songs, then I must be doing it right, because nothing is more authentic and relatable than the self.

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