Clarkston High School – Class of 2001

Donations from friends, families, and local businesses help to ease the financial burden of keeping alumni in touch with each other and properly planning and executing a class reunion. Thank you for helping us create something great!

Part of the Wolf Pack

It’s sometimes said that the best things come in small packages, and the same is true about every donation. Whether it’s $5 or $5,000, each dollar helps us achieve great things and takes some of the financial burden off of the alumni to host events, send out newsletters, and handle administrative fees.

Class Sponsor

For a $100 donation, you will officially be a class sponsor. You will be mentioned by name in the Reunion Yearbook as well as the CHS Class of 2001 Newsletters. Your donation is a foundational building block of the alumni experience.

Alumni Angel

Your donation of $1,000 will truly be the foundation of all future alumni endeavors. Your name and/or business will be prominently displayed at the Class Reunion and recognized as a generous donator for which the event would otherwise not be possible.

Alumni Partner

With a $5,000 donation, you will become an alumni partner. Your name and/or business will be synonymous with the Class of 2001, featured prominently on all communications with the alumni. You will be offered a chance to speak at the Class Reunion, you will be given personal thank yous from class members, as well as included in all future alumni communication. We will also work with you personally to see how else we can ensure you are more than happy with your donation.

All donations are done securely through Stripe, ensuring security, accuracy, and peace of mind. For any questions about becoming an alumni donor, please email

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